Deaf Identity; Deaf/Hearing Families


Class: Year 2/3                     Period: 2.00 pm – 2.50pm               Date:    25.05.10



Pupil learning objectives as they appear on the board:

To share and explain their lives in each family communities and how we live in different ways.


Teaching activity with starter and plenary



Question : Ask children about Deaf and hearing families.  What are their families like?  Are they the same as others?



Main activity: 


Talk about – how do they get up in the morning?  Breakfast?  Quick or slow?  Telephone calls?  School?  CSW?  Class room?

Worksheet of a home timeline to be provided

Pictures / photos / widgets – allow children to use their initiatives/ ideas of placing pictures in the right columns.

Show examples first then let them to do the rest.

Just say Yes or No ( or X)







Which one are you?(home timeline)  How do you know?  Why?  (Role-play)



Work of  TA


















Evaluation of learning