Communication; International Signing Systems


Class: Year 6                        Period: 2.00 pm – 2.50pm              Date:    25.05.10



Pupil learning objectives as they appear on the board:



To explain how and why each country has their own sign language which differs from BSL


Teaching activity with starter and plenary



Ask pupils which sign language we use. 

BSL – what is BSL?



Main activity: 


Ask pupils what they want to know about World / European sign languages


  • Same or different from BSL?
  • One or two hands?
  • Same or different Fingerspelling system? (one handed/2 handed manual alphabet)






Pupil to print worksheet from Internet and show to other pupils.  Group discussion.



Work of  TA


Create a worksheet for L/A









Computer access, printer, world map (white) smartboard






Practise ASL Fingerspelling

Practise ASL Fingerspelling in their name (L/A)



Evaluation of learning