Studies Curriculum

for Primary & Secondary Schools


About Us

The National Deaf Studies Working Group strongly believe that Deaf Studies should be taught alongside other curriculum subjects being used and taught in primary and secondary education.

'Deaf Studies is designed to assist children in exploring all aspects of their identity as bilingual children in today's multi-cultural world.'

To achieve this aim, the curriculum has five core units:
* Deaf Identity
* Deaf History
* Communication
* Communication Technology
* Deaf Community & Culture

The curriculum provides an overview of the teaching programme, samples of activities, samples of assessment formats with instructions, level descriptors and attainment targets used to measure the children's progress throughout the curriculum.
Activities are suggested and professionals should select appropriate activities and materials based on the needs of their students and the resources available.

The curriculum has guidelines and two CD-roms;
CDrom 1 contains the Primary and Secondary Deaf Studies curriculum
CDrom 2 contains suggested activity sheets to use with the curriculum