Studies Curriculum

for Primary & Secondary Schools



These are suggested teaching resources or areas for information;
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Termly Plan Samples:
View Deaf Poetry Term Plan Year 5/6
View Communication Year 10 Termly Plan
View Communication Technology Year 11 Termly Plan

Mid-Termly Plan Samples:
View Storytelling Mid-Term Plan Reception/Year 1
View Deaf Identity Mid-Term Plan Year 1/2/3
View Deaflympics Mid-Term Plan Year 5/6

Lesson Plan Samples:
View Deaf Community & Culture Lesson Plan Year 1/2/3
View Deaf/Hearing Lesson Plan Year 2/3
View International Signs Lesson Plan Year 6


Deaf History;  
Helen Keller
Dr Alexander Graham Bell

Deaf Identity;  
Deaf Poetry
Primary & Secondary Schools see Schools/Units/Services


Communication Technology;

Deaf Community & Culture;
ITV Signed Stories
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People


Deaf History;
*Keller.H et al, The Story of My Life, 1903, New York
*Lee.A, Beginner’s Inrtoduction to Deaf History, 2004, BDHS, England
*Jackson.W.P and Lee.R, Deaf People in History, 1993, BDHS
*Montgomery.G and Dimmock.A, The Hand Of Time, 1998, Scottish Workshop Publications.
*Eriksson.P, The History of Deaf People, 1993, SIH Laromedel

Deaf Identity;
*Montgomery.G, Language for the Eye, 1996, Scotland
*Sutton-Spence.R et al, Analysing Sign Language Poetry, 2005, Palgrave Macmillan
*Poizner.H & S.Klima & Bellugi.U, What the Hands Reveal About the Brain, 1987, The MIT Press
*Stewart.D.A and Luetke.B, The Signing Family, 1998, Gallaudet University Press

Deaf Community & Culture;

*Hodson.L, Every Picture tells a Story, 2003, Hodson
*Gustason.G, Pfetzing.D, Zowolkow.E, Signing Exact English, 1972, Mordern Signs Press


*Wells.G, The Meaning Makers,1986, Heinemann Education Books
*Armstrong.F.D, Original Signs, 1999, Gallaudent University Press
*The Signed English Dictionary, 1975, Gallaudet College Press
*Walker.M, Revised Makaton Vocabulary, 1980, Makaton Vocabulary Development Project

*Signs of our Times;A sign language History of the Deaf Community in Northern Ireland, Deaf Association of Northern Ireland (BDA)
*Deaf Wayy II; Opening Celebation & A Visual Anthology , Gallaudet Unversity, 2004
*Signing Family, BDA
*The Crowded Cottage, signed by young illustrations by J.Miller, University of Edinburgh, 2004
*BSL Academy, An Introduction to BSL Awareness, BDA
*Fingerspelling, Expressive & Receptive Fluency, J.L.Groode, Dawnpictures DVD


Using Numbers in British Sign Language, University of Lancashire